Heated Toilet

Go Services’ strong foundation has been built up from our start in portable toilet rentals. Our original business name of Potty-Go established us in Central and Northern Alberta. The name Potty-Go, has led us to where we are as a business today. No matter what you call us, Go Services Inc or Potty-Go Rentals, we still stand for one thing above all, SERVICE FIRST!

Go Services Inc. has an extensive fleet of all season, extreme weather heated portable toilets, including single units, double units and multi-unit skid configurations. Our diverse inventory allows us to provide prompt, reliable equipment and service to all industrial, commercial and oilfield sites.

Our high standards of cleanliness and customer service have established our reputation as an industry leader for heated toilet rentals and servicing. Our greatest advertising is in the positive feedback that we receive from satisfied, repeat customers.

Go Services Inc. recognizes that each site is unique in its portable toilet requirements. Our professional team take all factors into account for site recommendations and base our information on the guidelines provided in the Alberta Health Act, Regulation 243/20​.

Environmental Responsibility

We have but one planet to live on and protection of the environment is everyone’s responsibility. It is your right to ensure that the waste services vendor you choose to employ is disposing of all waste collected from your site in an environmentally responsible, government approved manner.

Go Services Inc. disposes of all waste only in government approved waste treatment, collection and/or recycling facilities. Go Services Inc. does NOT dispose of any septic or solid waste in fields, ditches, waterways, or any non-approved facility.

It is your right to expect your waste services vendor to uphold the environment protection laws we all live under. It is your responsibility to select a vendor that meets your expectations in all aspects of their operation. Our focus is on being a responsible, environmentally conscious operation that will help you meet or exceed your personal and organizational goals for environmental stewardship.

  • Xtreme Jon
  • R12 Insulated Panels
  • 1250w Thermostat Controlled Heater
  • Interior Light
  • GFCI Protected 110 power 12 amp
  • Forklift Skid Pockets
  • Lifting Brackets
  • Heat Traced Tank
  • Skylight/Vent

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