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At Go Services Inc. we have Portable Hand Washing Stations for Rent. These units are a great option for Oilfield, Industrial and Commercial use. Further, given our current global crisis, hand wash stations are a means to help control the outbreak of COVID-19. Beyond maintaining our social distance, washing your hands is a key component to flattening the curve of the virus pandemic.

Flattening the Curve

“The goal right now is ‘flattening the curve’ or spreading the rate of transmission out at a rate our healthcare infrastructure can handle.”

Dr. Nancy Gin, medical director of quality and clinical analysis for Kaiser Permanente in Southern California

As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Canada continues to rise, our public health officials urge Canadians to stay the course of social distancing. Beyond staying at home, taking care of your hygiene in public settings is another crucial step towards limiting the number of those persons potentially at risk. The world is a different place, right now. Doing what you can to Flatten the Curve of cases in Canada is a vital step we all need to take.

Portable Hand Washing Stations for Rent

These units will help any crowd, or job site, stay sanitized.

  • Fully Stocked – soap and paper towels come with all of our units.
  • Designed Sturdy – we will deliver and set up your Portable Hand Washing Stations for Rent. Each unit is sturdy, with available tie-downs for a host of weather conditions.
  • 300+ Uses – these units come stocked, and ready to work. Designed for the duration of your project.
Stay Healthy

As fellow Canadians, we care about the health of our nation. As a company, our intention at this time is to continue to provide services related to Wastewater Management and Equipment Rental to aid both individuals and companies. If you have any questions related to our equipment/services, please email us at sales@goservicesinc.ca, or give us a call at a (403) 342-9950.

Stay strong, Canada.

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