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Recently a Red Deer Garage was Engulfed in Flames after some loose oily rags caught fire. This prompted us to highlight the proper disposal of oily rags and highly flammable products.

Give us a call if you have questions about proper disposal of oily rags. And, of course, Go Services Inc. has mixed recycling bins that are capable of housing your oily, dirty rags. We will properly discard of your soiled products in a safe, eco-friendly manner. But if you’re looking for some online literature, take a look at this handy sheet from the National Fire Protection Association.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. While the fire could have been worse, it still destroyed a car and caused and estimated $100,000.00 worth of damage. This was all totally preventable. Go Services Inc. used only approved waste disposal facilities. We go the extra mile to make sure any and all recyclable products are done so in the most eco-friendly fashion. Go Services Inc. will deliver and remove a Mixed Recycle Bin to your work site or business. And, we have options for both short term and long term projects. So, whether you’re staining your deck in Sylvan or you’re up in Grand Prairie working the patch, we’ve got you covered! All our Mixed Recycle Bins have locking lids, and can be set up with 6 drums for any waste you have. Get an online quote for your Mixed Recycle Bin today.

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