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You see them everywhere; however, you just might not notice them! As long as an event/project is being hosted outside, you can be sure there is Porta Potty’s involved. Moreover, at Go Services Inc. we are an industry leader in both Special Event and Industrial Rentals. With that being said, we wanted to enlighten our readers with the History of the Porta Potty.

Where it all began…

By and large, portable toilets got their start in the 1940’s, finding homes in shipbuilding yards. This came as a result of time being wasted (not unlike today) with workers having to travel long distances back to the dock in order to use the washroom. Thus, the solution was to build small units on the ships that the workers could use, increasing productivity and cutting down on construction time.

Be that as it may, these initial designs left something to be desired … Due to their large size/weight these units were difficult to clean and empty. As well as the fact that deodorizer was not invented yet, the smell was a common complaint!

History of the Porta Potty: First Patent

By the 1960’s, the fiberglass industry began to flourish and the first designs for a fiberglass unit replaced the majority of the wooden porta potties in the shipyards. Being that these new designs were lighter, and easier to clean, offered hope to the birth of our industry. Fast forward another few years, coupled with the invention of plastic designs and deodorizers, and the first patent was released to a man named George Harding.

George Harding’s designs would continue to develop into the industry we know today. Moreover, they became durable, transportable, and with designs in place that allowed for a wider range of replacement parts.

Then and Now

Trailers, varieties of options/sizes, air-conditioned units, you name it! Portable toilets have come a long way in the last 60 years. At Go Services Inc. we have been at the cutting edge of these improvements since 2003. As well as providing top quality units, we also believe in providing a high level of service to all of our customers. Give us a call today at (855) 342-9950 to get a quote for your upcoming Special Event or Industrial Project.

What’s more! The Portable Sanituation Association estimates that over 125 million gallons of fresh water are saved each day, on account of Porta Potty usage.

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