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Just this past month, Go Services Inc. was featured in Pro-Monthly Online Magazine. The article titled Portable Restroom Company Finds Its Sweet Spot With Rural Routes outlined some of the challenges we face as a company. Furthermore, it shed light on how we manage these challenges in rural oilfields.

Invested in Alberta

As an established and growing company, we pride ourselves on being locally owned and operated. Although currently serving the majority of our clients in Central Alberta, we also do quite a bit of work in our Fort McMurray Branch.

Being highlighted in Pro-Monthly Online Magazine is a wonderful boost to our brand. On account of their popularity in our industry, we have been a long time subscriber and rely on them for quality updates.

Article Highlights

Our article in Pro-Monthly Online Magazine works to highlight some of the particularities surrounding our work in Alberta. Certainly the weather isn’t proprietary to us; however, it does offer some unique challenges for Porta Potty Rental and Septic Servicing.

“Being a portable restroom provider and septic pumper in Alberta is no joke. It’s a tough gig. Winter isn’t just cold in Alberta. It’s freezing. Negative 20 to negative 30 degrees freezing. That’s cold enough to not just freeze diesel fuel, but valves on trucks as well.

For Dustin Cabelka, co-owner of Go Services in Red Deer and Fort McMurray, Alberta, it’s just another winter’s day in the frosty tundra — where 95 percent of their work this time of year is servicing oil fields and construction on new oil pipelines.”

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