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Septic Service

Septic Service for your Private Land or Work Site

Commercial/Industrial Service

Planning your Septic Service takes a variety of factors into account in order to keep your site safe. This can include both the Equipment needed, as well as the Disposal of your waste. At Go Services Inc. we are concerned with the well-being of our earth. Further, we will always strive to find adaptive Septic Containment options to suit your needs. This includes Heated Septic Tanks, designed for the winter cold!

We are set to handle your Septic on a one-time basis, or we can build a custom schedule. Regardless of where your Septic Tank originated, Go Services Inc. can look after it for you! We are available for:

  • Industrial & Oilfield Sites
  • Construction/Commercial Sites
go services inc septic service
go services inc septic service

Residential Septic Service

Knowing when and how to look after your Septic is a common issue for most landowners. At Go Services Inc. our motto has always been The Best Defense is a Good Offense. In the hope that we can save our clients both money and headaches, we are here 24/7 to consult you on the best options for your home or land. Further, this aids in keeping our Environment safe from potential leaks.

In addition to our Septic Truck Service we are also equipped to handle:

  • Septic Tank Inspection
  • Pump/Alarm Inspection (if equipped)
  • Advisory for Repairs and Replacements

Septic Tank Agitation

Our Septic Service always comes with proper tank maintenance. This includes Septic Tank Agitation, proven to mix a 1000-2500 gallon Residential Tank. Further, the circulation of the blade lifts and removes any solids from the bottom of your tank. Equating to a cleaner tank and a better performing Septic System.

  • Thoroughly Cleaned Tank
  • Equipped for Large & Small Tanks
  • Provides Longevity to your Septic System
  • Cleaner Tank Equates to Less Frequent Cleanings. Therefore Saving YOU Money!
go services inc septic service

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    Environmental Responsibility

    It is your right to select your Waste Services Vendor in Central Alberta. Further, your provider is subject to disposing of all waste collected from your site in a conscious manner. Go Services Inc. disposes of all waste in Approved Waste Treatment Locations. We will NOT dispose of any septic or solid waste in fields, waterways, and non-approved locations.

    Our focus is on being a responsible, environmentally conscious operation. As a result, we will help you meet or exceed your personal goals for environmental stewardship.

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