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Wedding Rentals

Giving you a host of Wedding Rentals for your big day!

Wedding Rentals

Planning a Wedding can be difficult enough! Not to mention having to worry about Restrooms for your guests…

Go Services Inc. will NEVER rent out any construction grade equipment for your Wedding. In the same way, we will NEVER deliver dirty equipment for your big day. Hence why we are the trade leaders in quality of equipment and servicing.

As a Family-Owned and Operated company, Go Services Inc. understands the need for discretion and professionalism. Notably when handling your Portable Toilet and Equipment needs during your Wedding. We can provide:

  • Portable Toilets
  • Portable Hand-wash Stations
  • Executive Restrooms
  • Trailer Rentals
  • and more..!
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Executive Restrooms

We have both 2 & 5 Stall Executive Restrooms

Our Executive Restrooms are a great option for your next event! Coupled with privacy and modern finishing, we will be sure you get the most out of our Executive Restroom Rental. These models include:

  • Inside & Outside Lighting
  • Flushing Toilets
  • Built-in Septic & Freshwater Containment
  • Electric Heat
  • Hot Water Heaters

2 Stall | Executive Restroom

Wedding Rentals | Central Alberta | 2 Stall Executive

5 Stall | Executive Restroom

Wedding Rentals | Central Alberta | 5 Stall Executive

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    Additional Options

    Wedding Rentals as well as premium sanitation needs, demand quality portable toilets and equipment.

    wedding rentals alberta go services inc portable toilet vip

    VIP Model

    With overall 24% more interior floor space than our other units, this model is great for any event! The clever use of a corner tank allows for our equipment to offer more amenities. Not to mention an optional sink and non-splash urinal, as well as granting more space for parents with children. This is also great for your guests with purses and bulkier jackets.

    Option 1: Standard VIP

    Option 2: Flushing VIP

    wedding rentals alberta go services inc handwash station

    Handwash Stations

    This well designed Portable Handwash Station is perfect for your Wedding!

    With its sleek style and compact size, this portable station is designed to get the job done. This model is built to last the length of your big day! Also featuring two soap (and two paper towel) dispensers.

    • Nearly 350 uses without refilling
    • Drain plugs and lock tight caps
    • Stays put with a tie-down ring
    wedding rentals alberta go services inc portable urinal


    The perfect lightweight, durable, mobile urinal. A must have when planning your Wedding Rentals!

    The PolyCan is a light, durable, and mobile urinal. Hence – The urinal on wheels! It can be rolled in place at when you need it at your event, fair, or anywhere. With an 11 gal. hold tank, and weighing only 109 lbs, the PolyCan gives unique facility to your special day.
    wedding rentals alberta go services inc portable toilet accessibility

    Accessibility Model

    Increased floor space, designed to accomodate a wheelchair!

    We also offer our Comfort XL portable. Chiefly made for persons who may have a physical or mobile impairment. Thus you can feel confident and comfortable with more than 16sq. feet of open floor space. Whenever you are planning your next event (formal or not) wheelchair friendly toilets are not just extras, they are essential!